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Frequently asked questions

What is START by WGSN?

START by WGSN is an online platform that helps fashion entrepreneurs and small businesses on their business journey. We offer tools and resources that can optimize your strategy, improve your investments and guide your collection developments.

How can START by WGSN help my business?

START by WGSN can help your business by providing guidance and exclusive insights.

  • Get access to thousands of downloadable tech-packs to help you save time and money to create your next collection.
  • Browse through a selection of images of the upcoming fashion trends curated by a global team of experts to help you stay up-to-date with what's coming up next and what's trending all over the world.
  • Access the Fashion Feed and find out the latest news curated daily by WGSN.
  • Organize your Business information.
  • Source suppliers for your needs with our Suppliers Directory.
  • Download exclusive e-books with fashion insights and business strategies.

Can I change my plan later?

If you wish to change your plan from Monthly to Yearly, you'll have to cancel your subscription and do a new sign-up. We strongly suggest choosing the plan you think works best for you, considering you'll be billed monthly for the Monthly Plan and yearly for the Yearly Plan.

Can I cancel my plan after signing-up?

Yes, you can cancel both plans anytime after signing-up. If you cancel after the end of the 7-day free trial, your subscription will stay active until the end of the current billing period.
I.e. if you subscribed to the yearly plan and cancel within 2 months, you'll still have 10 months to access the platform.
If you subscribed for the monthly plan and your subscription started on February 1st, if you request to cancel after 15 days, you'll still be able to access the platform until March 1st.
To cancel your subscription please send an email to

Do I have access to all features during my Free Trial?

Almost. You won't be able to access our Suppliers Directory during your free trial period, but you can browse through all our other features and, once your trial ends, you'll also be able to access and source suppliers for your business needs.

Will I be charged after my 7-day Free Trial ends?

Yes, you will only be charged automatically at the end of your 7-day Free Trial if no cancelation request was made.
If a cancellation request is sent on day 8, the cancelation will be considered only for the next billing period.

To cancel your subscription please send an email to

Why do I have to add my credit card information for my trial period?

Your payment data is requested only to validate and confirm your sign-up information. You will be charged only after the end of your 7-day Free Trial if no cancelation request is made. No amounts will be charged prior to the end of the trial period.