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  • Can I use your graphics to sell PHYSICAL products?
    ♥ Yes, the small business license is included with every clipart and paper purchase. This allows you to use your purchase for up to 500pcs. Or you can purchase the set again if you exceed 500pcs but are below 1000pcs which will renew your license. ♥ If you plan to exceed 1000 copies / sales of an item using our graphics you are classed as 'mass production' and require a mass production license. ♥ Licensee may create physical end products such as, but not limited to, clothing, cards, invitations, stickers, mugs, stamps, candles, posters, signs, home decor, etc. for Commercial use or Non-commercial use.
  • Can I use your graphics for DIGITAL printable products?
    ♥ Yes on a limited basis. Just as with physical products with our standard license your total number of sales must not exceed 500pcs for that item. ♥ Digital items must be considerably different from the original product you purchased and must not include a license for your customer to use the derivative design on their own products to sell. ♥ All digital products must be flattened and combined with other elements and backgrounds to ensure that the original asset cannot easily be extracted. For example you must lay the original design onto a patterned or textured background and add other elements and text to create a new design. They must also be sold for the PERSONAL use of your end customer and that must be made clear on your product description ♥Examples of personal use digital files include digital invitations, planner stickers and printable wall art
  • Can I print your designs onto fabric sold by the yard or meter?
    ♥ Yes, the small business license is included for this. However, if your total number of metres sold exceeds 500 metres you must purchase the extended license. ♥ The 500 metre limit is per pack so this must be split between all patterns / color ways within the item you purchased. If the total number is likely to exceed 500 metres but is less than 1000 metres you will be required to buy the item again. Over 1000 metres total requires the purchase of our mass production license.
  • Can I use your graphics to sell stickers, covers etc for digital planners (eg. Goodnotes and Metamoji)"
    ♥ These are the same licensing rules as with printable digital files. Any digital stickers sold must not be simply our graphics laid out on a page. You must add elements and patterned or textured backgrounds to the original asset to ensure that the original asset is not easily extractable by the end user. ♥ The original asset must be used in a way that creates something new and original ♥ All files using our graphics must be for in app use only. Our original graphics must not be supplied separately, including but not limited to png deco stickers under any circumstances. ♥All items that you sell must be for the personal use of your customer and this must be made clear in your description
  • Can I use your designs for POD sites?
    ♥ This is the only situation which requires a link back to my shop, also known as a credit (illustrations by All artwork uploaded to sites such as Redbubble, Society6, Cafepress and any other sites which require you to upload designs require this. All products must be a combination of my work with others and must not simply be my artwork printed on a mug for example. You must use a background and combine the asset with other elements to create a new original design X You are not allowed to upload any of my seamless patterns, glitters or backgrounds to POD sites as this often requires the tile to be uploaded, which can easily be pulled from the site and resold.
  • Do your licences allow for multi-users?
    X All of our licences are single user licences only – meaning only one person can install them and use them in their original form. If you require a licence for more than one user please add the number that you need to the cart, so if you have a team of 4 people including yourself, please purchase 4 of the same product to allow for 4 seats.
  • Can I use your graphics to create derivative designs and sell them as commercial use files?
    - We allow our digital papers and textures to be used as FILLS for text or as BACKGROUNDS for a wider design as long as your text / design covers at least 70% of the background. Our digital papers should not be the main focal point of your design and they should not be sold as backgrounds for others to use within their own designs - We DO NOT allow our illustrations / clipart to be used for derivative designs such as sublimation designs or any other digital file which allows your customer to use them on products to sell (also refered to as commercial use stock images). We do not allow this under any of our licenses.
  • What if I need to provide my client or printer with original source files?
    ♥ You are allowed to provide your printer with source files only for the purpose of printing your project, once the printing has occurred the supplied files must be deleted from their system. You are not permitted to provide a layered file to clients. Instead they should be provided with the final, flattened designs. If your client requires access to source files to make additional changes to the design, they will require a license of the graphic/resource for themselves.
  • If I buy a Mass Production license can I redistribute the purchased assets or make changes to them and sell the new design with a license?
    X No, the Mass Production License only allows for a higher quantity of allowed products to be sold, it does not mean that you own the copyright to any of our resources. You cannot redistribute the resources, claim them as your own (even with changes) or license the asset or final design in any way with any of our licenses.
  • Can I give away freebies of my final product?
    ♥ Yes you can give away freebies of your finished design but please note that each freebie that you give away is considered as one unit sale so you must adhere to the maximum quantities granted for the license purchased. ♥ For personal use you can give away as many of your finished design as you like. Please remember personal use means that the finished item has no commercial gain or exchange of money. An example of commercial gain would be giving away a free gift for marketing purposes for your business or giving away a free item with your customers purchase. ♥ Please note that any digital freebies that you give must adhere to our licensing rules, be a new original flattened design and the design must be supplied in a way which means that the original assets cannot easily be extracted. For more information visit our Licensing guide and full Licensing rules
  • How do I contact support?
    ♥ We don't offer a telephone service, instead we focus on high quality and efficient email responses so you can always contact us day or night. Your query will always be dealt with within 24 hours.
  • What software do I need to use your products?
    ♥ Most of our items are provided in png (clipart) or jpeg (digital papers) format. These can be used with a wide variety of software so it’s important to consider what your end use will be before purchase, that way you can decide on the best software to use for your project. Some of our files are supplied in vector AI or EPS formats which require vector based software in order to use the files an example of vector based software is Adobe Illustrator but there are others available. ♥ All files are supplied in zip folders so you will need software to unzip the files. This is usually programs such as Winzip for windows or Unarchiver for Mac, but there are a lot of free options available online. Please double check that your device supports programs to unzip the files prior to purchase.
  • Do you offer technical support?
    ♥ We don’t offer technical support as the uses for our products is so wide and software can vary so much. But by all means contact us if you have any questions or problems, we will always do our best to help you in any way that we can.
  • Do you have any discounts?
    We have a few permanent discount codes running: ♥ Buy 10 get 5 free: ADD10ANDSAVE ♥ Spend £20 save 20% : 20SAVE20 We also run discount codes which we let you know about through our mailing list, Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to sign up to our mailing list or follow us on instagram and Facebook to be kept in the loop.
  • Do you accept custom orders?
    As much as we love custom orders and would love to create more, we only have a limited number of cutom slots per month. It can sometimes be up to a 3 Month waiting period before our next slot becomes available. Feel free to contact us and we will let you know the date of our next available slot.
  • How do I unsubscribe from your mailing list?
    We hate to see you go, but unsubscribing from out email list is easy. Open one of our emails and you will find an unsubscribe link at the bottom.
  • How do I deactivate my account?
    If you have a members account you can deactivate it by signing in to your account and going to your account settings.
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